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Top Food Sources of Resveratrol

Top Food Sources of Resveratrol - Nutribal™ - The New Healthy.

Introduction to Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound found in various plant products that has been associated with numerous health benefits. Known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and potential anti-aging properties, resveratrol has piqued the interest of nutritionists and health enthusiasts. This compound is particularly renowned for its presence in red wine, which has led to widespread curiosity about other food sources that are rich in resveratrol. Let's explore some of the top food sources of this celebrated phytochemical.

Red Wine and Grapes

Among the most famous sources of resveratrol is red wine, which gains its resveratrol content from the skins of red grapes. The fermentation process of winemaking allows the wine to retain the resveratrol from grape skins, which otherwise would be removed when producing white wine. Grapes themselves, particularly the skin and seeds, are naturally rich in resveratrol, with darker-skinned varieties, like the muscadine, being particularly potent.

Fresh Grapes

While red wine might steal the limelight, fresh grapes are also an excellent source of resveratrol. The content varies based on the grape type, growing conditions, and ripeness at the time of harvest. Consuming whole grapes provides not only resveratrol but also dietary fiber and other beneficial compounds.

Grape Juice

For those who abstain from alcohol, grape juice made from red, purple, or black grapes is another option. Similar to red wine, the resveratrol content in grape juice can vary based on numerous factors, including the processing method. Unfiltered and minimally processed juices will generally have higher resveratrol levels.


Berries are also among the top food sources of resveratrol, with several types offering this beneficial nutrient. Blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries all contain resveratrol, although in smaller amounts than red grapes. The levels of resveratrol can differ based on geographic location, the variety of berry, and cultivation practices, making wild or organically grown berries potentially more rich in resveratrol.


Blueberries are not just antioxidant powerhouses but also a valuable source of resveratrol. Consuming fresh blueberries is a delightful way to add resveratrol to your diet, coupled with a host of other protective phytonutrients.


Cranberries, both in their fresh form and as unsweetened juice, can provide a notable amount of resveratrol. Including cranberries in your diet, especially during their peak season, can add a resveratrol boost to your nutrition regime.


Raspberries, while lower in resveratrol content compared to grapes and other berries, are another source to consider. These versatile berries can be eaten fresh, as part of various recipes, or taken as supplements.

Peanuts and Peanut Products

Peanuts are a surprising but significant source of resveratrol. Both raw and roasted peanuts contain resveratrol, with roasted peanuts having slightly higher levels. Peanut butter also contains this compound, although the amount can vary based on processing. Consuming peanuts in moderation can contribute to an increase in dietary resveratrol intake.

Chocolate and Cocoa

Dark chocolate and cocoa are not only delicious treats but also come with a bonus of resveratrol content. The amount of resveratrol can vary depending on the type of chocolate and its cocoa content, with darker chocolates typically having more. Since chocolate is high in calories and can contain added sugars and fats, it should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.


Resveratrol can be found in several common foods beyond just red wine. Including a variety of these food sources like grapes, berries, peanuts, and chocolate can enhance your intake of resveratrol. It's important to remember that while resveratrol has many reported health benefits, consuming these foods as part of a balanced and varied diet is essential for overall health and well-being.

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